We are proud to cooperate with UDC Licensing

Пресс-служба b4r
Пресс-служба b4r

brand4rent and UDC Licensing Agency, owner of GAPCHINSKA, Cossacs, Treasure Island, Adventures of Captain Vrungel brands agree on cooperation and now brand4rent is agent for these brands in Russia.


 “Supplier of Happiness No.1” is not just an advertising slogan, all the emotions of the characters are known to every woman. Being happy is very simple - that’s the essence of GAPCHINSKA licensed brand. It is cheerful and bright, with lot of little cute and recognizable characters  demonstrating how to enjoy life, love and care. The universality of GAPCHINSKA themes and images allows the brand to cross borders between cultures, countries, age and social groups, while recalling to their childhood as well as to the fondest feelings.                                


Familiar from childhood funny charismatic characters of the Soviet cartoon "As Cossacks ..." cause warm nostalgic feelings. That is why the unique vivid images of the Cossacks Oko, Gry and Tour possess tremendous energy and are relevant for 47 years already. The brand possesses a strong emotional connection with the audience through such features as a good mood, friendship, trust, courage, traditions.


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