brand4rent signed agreement with m4e on Wissper

Пресс-служба b4r
Пресс-служба b4r

The German brand management and media company  m4e AG has named brand4rent as the agent for its new preschool property “Wissper” (52 x 7 minutes) in Russia and the CIS‐territories. The Moscow‐based company will represent media rights in addition to licensing & merchandising for “Wissper”. The consumer products program will be led by the EMEA master toy partner Simba Dickie Group.

About Wissper

Aimed at preschool children, “Wissper” follows the adventures of a little girl by the same name who has a very special talent ‐ she is able to communicate with animals. This allows her to understand their problems and help solve them. Wissper the “animal whisperer” is a beloved character for young viewers all around the world.                                 The 52 episodes of the CGI‐animated TV‐series are created by London‐based animation studio Absolutely Cuckoo – known for the BBC‐hit‐series “Waybuloo” ‐ in coproduction with m4e AG, Telegael (Ireland), Discreet Art Productions (India), and the German BASTEI Media GmbH, a Page 1 of 2 press information subsidiary of publisher Bastei Lübbe AG. 

Episodes 1‐26 are available since end of 2015, episodes 27‐52 will follow by spring 2016. The brand’s worldwide distribution is managed by m4e.


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